Focus On Photo-electric Sensors!
Java Development Engineer (Location: Shanghai)
Date:2016-10-09 16:18
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description of job:
1, to participate in product research and development, and designers with the design and development of a product;
2, and with the architects, the module design and development;
3, and testers with, understand and solve the problems in the product;
4, design, coding, testing, documentation.

1, skilled use of JAVA programming and using the Eclipse development tool;
2, familiar with the data structures, algorithms;
3, master mysql Sql statement preparation and development, optimization;
4, familiar with Spring and other open source Struts framework;
5, using Junit unit testing;
6, familiar with the preparation of JavaScript, jQuery used the better;
7, technical passion, full of spirit of technological innovation, the courage to solve technical problems;
8, the cause of the pursuit, the courage to open up, proactive;
9, more than two years of development work experience
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