Epticore heart rate blood oxygen program introduction:
Using PPG program to achieve optical monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen and other parameters, applied to wristbands, watches, Bluetooth headsets
1:Photocell/array for spectral processing of reflected light (R/G/B/W/IR) -> to eliminate the effects of disturbing light
2:LED array (Green/Red/IR combination) -> can be combined into heart rate / blood oxygen detection / wear detection
3:AFE/Integrator/16bitsADC -> Improve dynamic range, eliminating the need for crosstalk effects and simplifying external window design
4:Ultra-low power proximity sensing -> realize watch wearing detection function
5:Continuous detection / pulse detection
6:Small package size (4.0mm x 2.4mm x 1.35mm) EM7028及2mm x 2mm x 1mm EM1068
Epticore TWS Proximity Light Sensor Introduction:
In addition to the Happiness Sensor, for the in-ear detection needs of the TWS headset market, Epco also has a distance sensor in an ultra-thin and ultra-small package:
Ultra-thin proximity detection products ALS PS SIZE
EM20068 65535 65535 1.8*1.4*0.95
EM20168 65535 65535 2.2*1.4*0.5
EM20268 65535 65535 2.2*1.4*0.37

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