Epticore long range sensor solution EM30918:
Based on the principle of reflection, a high-sensitivity receiving IC is used, and the transmitting end adopts a class1 VCSEL transmitter, and finally the distance is represented by a number. Detecting the distance from the screen to the face (reflecting surface), setting the corresponding distance limit by software to remind the user to adjust the distance and posture in time to achieve the purpose of preventing myopia This series of products can be used on mobile phones, tablets, learning machines and other electronic products with screens. It has been mass-produced in Lenovo/BBK.
Mainly have the following characteristics:
1:High sensitivity
2:High integration - including ambient light detection and distance detection
3:Small size - 4mm x 2.4mm x 1.4mm
4:Long detection distance - can provide different products in the range of 0~1m
Epco ambient light proximity detection sensor EM30719 series introduction:
Ambient light proximity detection products ALS PS Sunlight Rejection Size Transmission requirement
EM30718 4096 256 10K Lux 3.94*2.36 >80%
EM30719A 4096 256 20K Lux 3.94*2.36 >80%
EM30728A 65535 65535 50K Lux 3.94*2.36 >5%
EM31719 65535 65535 50K Lux 4*1.5 >5%

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