Epticoe TOF Solution
Epticore TOF uses C-TOF technology to achieve high-precision area array 3D ranging function after multiple integrations

Ordinary CMOS TOF features:
1. Need a large Pixel with a lower resolution;
2. High integration, digital output, and cheaper process;

Ordinary CCD TOF Features:
1. The process is expensive, the analog output requires an AFE package;
2. Smaller Pixel, Fill factor high;

Epticore TOF technology integrates the advantages of both
1. High integration and low cost of the circuit using CMOS technology
2. Unique CMOS overlay CCD Pixel process for high sensitivity and high photoelectric conversion efficiency; thus achieving low power consumption
3. The chip is implemented with a common voltage and does not require high voltage or complex, high cost avalanche photocells.

The list of Epticore TOF sensors and modules is as follows:
The list of Epticore TOF sensors and modules is as follows:
TOF product name Specification Description MP Date
EM80326 32*32 1024Pixel Pixel Size: 19*17.5 MP
MINI G1 module Integrated VCSEL and lens Detection distance of 12 meters, accuracy of 1% MP
TOF F1 module Integrated VCSEL and lens Miniaturized package, detection distance 3-5 meters MP
EM83206 QVGA: 320*240 Pixel Size: 19*17.5 Sample

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