AI-Smart door lock/sweeping robot/drone / SERVICE FOR AI
The main market for TOF sensors consists of smartphones, AR, robots (sweeping robots + educational robots), drones, smart door locks, and ADAS autopilot markets.
The smartphone market is currently mainly used by OPPO NEX2, Huawei P30, and hopefully will receive 50 million shipments in 2019. It is expected to receive 450 million shipments by 2022.

The list of Epticore TOF sensors and modules is as follows:
Based on the principle of reflection, a high-sensitivity receiving IC is used, and the transmitting end adopts a class1 VCSEL transmitter, and finally the distance is represented by a number. The long-distance scheme can detect the distance from the screen to the face (reflecting surface), and set the corresponding distance limit by software to remind the user to adjust the distance and posture in time to achieve the purpose of preventing myopia.      This series of products can be used on mobile phones, tablets, learning machines and other electronic products with screens. It has been mass-produced in Lenovo/BBK.
TOF product name Specification Description MP Date
EM80326 32*32 1024Pixel Pixel Size: 19*17.5 MP
EM83206 QVGA: 320*240 Pixel Size: 19*17.7 Sample