Wearable-Watch/Bracelet/TWS/Smart Speaker/ SERVICE FOR SMART WEARABLE/HEARABLE
The market for the wearable market in China in 2018 is 64 million. It is expected to reach 93 million in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 25% and sales of US$9.2 billion. The overall market for wireless headsets will be 125 million in 2018. vice.
In terms of product types, the Chinese market is still dominated by bracelets and watches. In 2018, watches grew by 122% year-on-year to 26 million, but the bracelet grew 41% year-on-year to 38 million;
In 2018, Epticore continued to lead the heart rate sensor market, with annual shipments exceeding 10 KK. For the wireless headset market, Epticore has launched ultra-thin, small-size light-sensing products.

Epticore TWS Proximity Light Sensor Introduction:
For watch bracelets and the TWS headset market, Apco has heart rate sensors and distance sensors in ultra-thin and ultra-small packages (in-ear detection):
Ultra-thin proximity detection products ALS PS SIZE
EM20068 65535 65535 1.8*1.4*0.95
EM20168 65535 65535 2.2*1.4*0.5
EM20268 65535 65535 2.2*1.4*0.37

Heart rate sensor Bits SIZE
EM7028 65535 4.0*2.4*1.35
EM1068 65535 2*1*1